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YSOY 2013 - sponsors

Traditional Arts Foundation and the Traditional Arts Team
Adverse Camber
Birmingham Storytelling Cafe
Birmingham Young Readers Festival
Centre for Narrative Leadership
Dream the Future
Gwynedd Library Services
Musicians Insurance Services
The Society for Storytelling
Ty Newydd Writers Centre
Whitby Folk Week

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Individuals who are kindly contributing to YSOY13:
Rona Barbour
Tina Bilbe
Pam Bishop
Katy Cawkwell
Fiona Collins
Wendy Dacre
Amy Douglas
Janet Dowling
Johnny Gillett
Kirsty Hartsiotis
Sharon Jacksties
Margot Jones
Steve Killick
Graham Langley
Marion Leeper
Hugh Lupton
Marion McCartney
Anthony Nanson
Mike O'Connor
Michael O'Leary
Marion Oughton
June Peters
Nell Phoenix
Daragh Quinn
Peter Stevenson
George & Anji Walker
Kevin Walker
Naomi Wilds
Jan Williams

Patrons: Hugh Lupton and Jan Blake

The Society for Storytelling is a UK charity that exists to promote greater awareness of the art of oral storytelling, and champion the many vast benefits it can bring to various areas of life - including education, health and, of course, entertainment.  As such the SfS has long been proud to support YSOY as an important event for cultivating new generations of interest in this most long-running of traditions.  
You can help support the cause of oral storytelling by making a donation to the SfS, but if you are a true storytelling enthusiast then the SfS would encourage you to become a member.  This would allow you to receive their on-line magazine featuring storytelling news, and receive discounts to festivals and events (including YSOY 2013). 
Best of all, it would help you to contribute to the SfS' ability to sponsor events like YSOY, keeping the oral tradition alive for generations to come.