Young Storyteller of the Year, March 2007
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11_group 12_Rhiannon_and_Amy 13_Trio 14_Will_Dakin 15_Yousuf

Group of young storytellers
from Thomas Adams School

Rhiannon Roberts
and Amy Healey
Elizabeth Tommy, Bethany Jones
and Bryony Jones
Will Dakin Yousuf Qureshi
16_Whitby_Group 17_Tom_Croft 18_Jo_Blake 19_Rachel_receives_award 20_collage
Daniel Mason, Gwen Mitchell and Tim Ralphs Tom Croft Joanne Blake Rachel Rose Reid,
Young Storyteller of the Year 07
A collage of young storytellers

If you know any young people that tell stories, then please email Fiona or phone her on 01490 430551 or 07941 918159

Young Storyteller of the Year 2007
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The Young Storyteller of the Year Award was funded by the Traditional Arts Foundation, Arts Council England, the West Midlands Folk Federation and Festival at the Edge, with support from mac, Birmingham