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Storytelling Gymnasium

Performance Training for Storytellers

Covid19 is making all our activities difficult, so we have shifted as much as possible on-line using Zoom. 
STORYTELLING GYMNASIUM has become our single combined training programme which happens once a month for two hours on a Sunday morning.  New dates are listed on the calendar - click on "View all Events".

The Gymnasium is open to anyone and is currently free of charge.  Anyone can come along even if you only have a little storytelling experience.  You are welcome as a guest at a session but it is designed for people who want to develop their storytelling through regular attendance.

For more information email Graham


Regular training has been part of our programme for many years and some participants are now storytellers and producers not only in the Midlands but across the country.


This mentorship programme will replace the range of storytelling training events previously run by the Trad Arts Team such as Step into Storytelling and Storytelling Gymnasium.
  • Absolute beginner's training will be available
  • The emphasis will be on the development and performance of traditional stories
  • Dates set to suit participants up to a maximum of ten sessions in one calendar year
  • An annual fee of £100 payable in two instalments in January and June
  • Self guided sessions based on the requirements of the participant
  • Individual preparation will always be needed and assignments will be set
  • email / phone support available
  • Individual sessions available but it is anticipated that most sessions will be in small groups. This will enable tutoring and support from within the group which is in itself a valuable skill
  • Technical and performance skills development
  • Applied storytelling, eg education, therapy, etc
  • Repertoire development
  • Professional and management including events organisation
  • Sessions will last from one hour to a whole day
  • Book and CD loan will be available

For more information contact Graham Langley