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Political Song Depot

NEW SONGS published from January 2021 onwards, with the latest songs at the top - click on the title to get the song 

The Money Flows Up, by Tom Smith

We Rise, by Boff Whalley
Zindabad, by Dave Rogers
Lament for Matt Hancock, by Dave Rogers
Singer of Songs, by Pat Lamanna
Vote 'em out, by Willie Nelson with two verses by Pat Lamanna

When the Workers of the World Combine by David Rovics
United 93 by Jack Warshaw
Migrant Song by Jack Warshaw

Kill the Bill by Dave Rogers after Lee Brickley
Freedom for Palestine by Dave Rogers and Antonia Darder
Irish Ways and Irish Laws by Tim Hollins

Won't Fool Me by Dave Taylor
Truer Shade of Blue by Dave Taylor
The Gypsy and the Gaugie by Dave Rogers

Kill the Bill by Lee Brickley
Have you been to jail for justice? by Anne Feeney
In My Way by Russ Spring

City of Light by Jack Warshaw
Hearts and Hope by Jack Warshaw  
All Mixed Up by Pete Seeger
Hard Times (2021 version) by Tim Hollins
Ye Greedy Bastards All by Dave Taylor
What's the Point of Keir Starmer by Tony Harper

Keep That Whistle Blowing by Dave Taylor
They Come Like Armies by Leon Rosselson
Boris and the Jorm (Germ) by Jamie Brown
We shall be Renewed by Storm

Halleluya by Tim Hollins 
If They Come in the Morning by Jack Warshaw 
Lockdown Blues by Jack Warshaw 
Song of the Lower Classes by Ernest Jones and Windborne 
We are giving you a warning by Graham Langley 
We are the Hidden Hands by Dave Rogers and Antonia Darder 
We will organise together (2020 version) by Paul Mackney 
Jolly Well Drunk (2020 version) by Tim Hollins 
So Long Trump by Jack Warshaw 
Freedom Come All Ye by Hamish Henderson, translated Jack Warshaw

Earlier songs are listed in the index to the Political Songster issues 1-9