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Sun 22nd Jan 8:00pm - 10:30pm
Kitchen Garden Café, York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7SA

A People's Cabaret with Dave Rogers and Fred Wisdom

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Dave Rogers and Fred Wisdom - review by Tim Hollins - click here for Tax Dodger

Birmingham’s regular “People’s Cabaret” hosted a rousing night of contemporary songs to move and inspire, performed by Dave Rogers and Fred Wisdom.  Both have a long history of working with Banner Theatre but this was their first time performing together as a duo.  

Rogers’ songs deal with all the issues that get us mad: he is the Brummie Bard in a direct line from Ewan MacColl and Charles Parker of “Radio Ballads” fame.  Never happy to settle for adequate, each song is carefully crafted till words, music and musicianship are moulded into perfect shape.

Wisdom’s stunning guitar work shows not only his Caribbean roots, but ventures far and wide into flamenco, jazz and reggae - a perfect foil to Rogers' soaring vocals.  

From the back streets of Brum to the burning plains of El Salvador, the journey was never easy, always authentic, written and sung from the real experiences that never make the headlines.  From hard hitting polemics (this is not an act to enjoy if you are a banker eyeing up your next squillion pound bonus) to the achingly beautiful You’re Not my Little Baby… (a song of ‘farewell and take care’ to a daughter, growing up and leaving home), this gig was a testament to the power of contemporary song to touch us.  All rounded off with a look back at a seminal moment in Birmingham’s industrial history - Saltley Gate.

Dave Rogers and Fred Wisdom are Birmingham’s best kept secret on the music scene.  This should be the first of many gigs for this new, yet vastly experienced, act.  Don’t miss their next Birmingham gig (7.30pm February 10th Library Theatre, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham)