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Mon 18th May 8:00pm - 10:00pm
The George Hotel, George Street, Barton on Humber, DN18 5ES

Cancelled - THREE VOICES in Barton

Category: Storytelling

Free spirits gather to take you on flights of fancy.  Across land, across space, across time.  Where will the wings of your imagination take you?  Lulled by song from the silver tongue of Dez Allenby whispering tunes of longing in your ear.  Taken by storyteller Graham Langley to a place where the North, the South, the East and the West meet.  Where is that place?  So near and yet so far.  Listen to the words of wily wisdom by the poet with flair(s) Trevor Millum.  His poems sail the seven seas of sound and bring you back safely.

They will be joined by other equally wondrous performers who will take you with them on your own special journey of the creative imagination.

Tickets £5 

FROM: The George Inn

OR, 01469 530818