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Storytelling Cafe

Storytelling Cafés have been our main spaces for performance storytelling, presenting the best national and international storytellers as well as providing a platform for local and emerging tellers.  Storytelling has always been a sociable occasion so, whatever the venue, we create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy the stories and share that with the people around you.  Refreshments are always available and sometimes a glass of wine or even a meal. 

Each Storytelling Café is different but they all offer excellent storytelling and a great night out.  With our Pop-Up programme we ran storytelling across the Midlands in a range of library and community venues throughout 2014 and 2015. 

The latest venue is Alvechurch Storytelling Cafe - there was a series of events in autumn 2018 and another in autumn 2019.

Other venues that have been handed on to independent organisations are still flourishing. Take a look at:

Birmingham Storytelling Cafe

Matlock Storytelling Cafe

Click here for photos and videos from some past events